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Introduction to SISI

Set-up one in each state to provide consultancy.

Training to small and prospective entrepreneurs.

28 SISI’s and 30 Branch SISI’s set up in state capitals and other places all over the country.

Assist the utilization of assets.

40 percent share in total industrial output.

35 percent share in exports.

Objectives of SISI

Initiating steps for technological upgradation and modernization of existing units.

Expanding the channels for marketing the products of the small scale sector.

Promotion of employment-oriented industries.

Functions of SISI

Assist existing and prospective entrepreneurs.

Conduct EDPs all over the country.

Testing of raw materials and products of SSIs.

Financial assistance.

Conduct economic and technical surveys.

Market information.

Activities of SISI

Assistance/Consultancy to prospective entrepreneurs

Assistance/Consultancy to existing units

Preparation of State Industrial Potential Survey

Preparation of District Industrial Potential Survey

Preparation of Detail Project Report

    Small Industries Service Institute (SISI)


  • Training constitutes the mainstay of the extension services provided by SIDO – pre- planned and executed throughout the year in a systematic manner. It is imparted by the network of Small Industries Service Institutes (SISIs) branch institutes, Extension / production Centers in the country. There are 26 SISIs, 32 branch Institutes, 40 extension centers scattered all over the country.

Training Programmes

  • Training in Industrial management
  • Technical training courses
  • All India Courses
  • Training / demonstration through mobile workshop