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Curriculum Enhancement
Self-esteem plays a very important role in one's life. Self-esteem develops many values in an individual. A high Self-esteem helps in laying a foundation of positive qualities in the human being. It is very essential in the life of an individual to have a high self-esteem.

An individual develops positive ways and means towards seeing at things. Without any sort of worries he faces the problems. The individual also lays down his goals and objectives and tires his best to achieve the objectives laid. Self-esteem means to build up confidence in oneself and to face the situations with a lot of courage as and when they come.

Self-esteem curriculum means all the daily activities or the regular or the partial courses which are offered by an organization or schools. In schools a curriculum plays a vital role it helps for the over all development of the students and helps in boosting the moral and the confidence. The students acquire good positive qualities due to high Self-esteem curriculum. Qualities like connectedness, morality and skepticism are inculcated. High Self-esteem curriculum helps to development an objective and ultimately lets to a better future of the students.

By developing a good high Self-esteem curriculum in schools the students get much more creative in their daily activities, it helps them to increase their concentration ability, it helps them to over come drug addictions and help them in delaying of their sexual activity and it helps in the over all development of the students. There is a development of the internal moral within them, the students never cheat with themselves and they get the ways of foundation towards a successful carrier.

The students develops a good faith in people which the students to develop their relations, the students display a healthy human behavior in their life. High Self-esteem curriculum develops a better communication which is very necessary in day-to-day life.

High Self-esteem curriculum it motivates the students to lay down a goal or an objective and they try their best to achieve. During problems high Self-esteem curriculum provides motivations to the students to face the problems.

"Mistakes is a change of improvement", this attitude is developed amongst the students.
High Self-esteem curriculum is indeed very essential on an individual. All over the globe for the conduction of a high Self-esteem curriculum in student's camps, and lectures are held in schools and colleges. High Self-esteem curriculum helps to enhance the over all development of the students. n