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Distance Learning Degrees
In the days before the Internet, getting a distance learning degree was a long and tedious process. Through regular mail, assignments would be mailed to the student and after a certain period, the student would mail their work. Feedback was given through such correspondences and because of the time delay in regular mail as well as the possibility of mail being lost en route, there was a lag and even perhaps a disconnect between the student and the teacher.

There was a tendency for such courses to take a longer time to finish because of this disconnect which may have led the student to be remiss in his or her duties in sending assignments. Distance learning degrees weren't also taken too seriously in the corporate world as their preferences were degrees from well established universities and colleges. Still, people would enroll in distance learning degrees to fulfill a wish of earning a college degree or a trade certification.

There may have been several reasons for those taking distance learning degrees instead of taking the normal route for college but I would think that for a majority of them, college wasn't an option as financial circumstances made them go straight to work after high school. And I am sure that a good majority of distance learning degrees were that of high school equivalency exams. I am amazed and humbled by the perseverance of those taking such degrees during those times.

There are some of us who take high school and college diplomas for granted, perhaps slacking a bit and not reaching for our full potential and yet, you see those with two or three jobs, or with a family, still trying to find time to enroll and finish a discipline. What resiliency and determination they must have. Amazing.

These days with the Internet, there are so many online degree programs available and even prestigious colleges and universities have joined this online distance learning degree market. Communication is almost instantaneous with the internet wherein assignments can be given and turned in at precisely the same day due. Furthermore, students can either email or use a chat program to discuss with their mentors and professors about their subjects.

This often leads to very interesting email correspondences wherein a train of thought is established and the analytical process is applied, which is the very essence of a college degree. There can even be online discussions with a class on a given period and time set by all. I am also sure that there are colleges that have online and live video conferences on certain lectures. Exams can also be done online and these exams can be timed as well.

All the distance learning student needs to do is to watch online lectures, access course material and take examinations through a learning management system and communicate with lecturers over the internet or on the telephone.

This method of obtaining a credible accredited university degree will auger well for the distance learning universities, colleges as well as the students since more students from around the globe can enroll in the courses offered by these institutions. This will also result in keeping the costs of running the degree courses much lower and making the university fees more affordable to potential students.

As with anything, there will always be the good the bad and the ugly. There will be so called universities offering fake degrees without even going through a course of studies. So it is vital to ensure that the distance learning college or university you are enrolling in is appropriately accredited. This can be done by checking on the accreditation body that provides the accreditation and re-confirm it with education agencies.